10 Common Reasons Why Men Lose Interest In Their Wives After Marriage

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To get married is something different, but to stay in the marriage is a different ball game. These days, most relationship gets broken even after marriage. It is presently common than before. Even in the wake of being married, a few couples actually lose interest in one another and toward they may end up getting divorced.

Nonetheless, there are a few things that you should particularly observe in a relationship as a woman. Most break ups are brought about by ladies.

In this article I will list 10 ten things that cause Men to lose interest.

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1. Change In Attitude And Habits Of A Woman After Marriage:

This is one of the key reason why most marriages lead to divorce.

2. Loving Money Too Much.

3. Not Good In Bed.

4. Continual Nagging.

5. Eating too much leading to overweight.

6. Bad Attitude To Personal Hygiene.

7. Lack Of Exercise After Birth.

8. Woman With Many Friends Who Takes Advise From Them.

9. Woman That Loves To Compare Her Friend’s Husband With Her Husband


10. Lastly, An Adulterous Woman.

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