5 Ways To Approach A Girl On The Road Without Getting Rejections

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when guys approach a girl and the girl turns them down, they feel truly bad. Now and then, it isn’t that the girl is annoying however in all actuality most women are conscious when male outsiders approach them.

At the point when you approach a girl, the primary thing that strikes a chord is safety, this is because they realize they can’t withstand a man’s strength. This is the reason, you ought to apply some specific skills before approaching any girl, so she won’t consider you to be a potential threat.

In this article, i want to show you, the 5 ways to approach a girl on the road without getting rejections.

Below are 5 ways to achieve that

1. Don’t whisper while approaching a girl

whenever you want to approach a girl don’t whisper at her. Girls hate guys that whisper at them. Whispering is for animals not humans, girls are humans, so it is not right for you to whisper at them.

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2. Smiles

When you approach a girl on the road, put smiles on your face. This will show the girl that you are friendly person and she will be more relaxed while talking to you. So always put a smile on your face when you approach a strange girl on the road.

3. Be fashionable when you Approach a girl

Whenever a guy approaches a girl, the first thing she looks at is how fashionable he is. If you look dirty and unkept the girl you are approaching might not even look at your face.

4. Don’t Hold her Hands

Guys, girls hate being whispered, they also hate being held by the hand. You don’t just walk up to a lady and hold her hands, it is very disrespectful. When you do this, she will drag herself and run away from you, because she will think you are a kidnapper.

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5. Use the word Please

‘Please’ is one word that can crack the heart of many ladies. When approaching a girl on the road use the word ‘Please’. This is another way of showing her that you a well cultured and gentle person.


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