7 States With The Highest Number Of Prostitutes In Nigeria. Number 2 Will Surprise You

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In as much as a lot of people despise prostitution, it will interest you to note the number of prostitutes in Nigeria keep skyrocketing, the question now is, who are their patronizers if we all condemn them?

The number of young girls engaging in prostitution in the country is alarming, people call it different names ranging from Olosho, Ashewo, Call Girls, Runs Girls and all, whichever name one chooses to call them, it all comes down to prostitution.

The influx of ladies into prostitution can be linked to their desire to use expensive gadgets, compete with their friends or just to feel among, some are not even doing it for the money.

Whatever reasons that make a lady intend to venture into prostitution of any form is not advisable and condemned anywhere in the world even in countries it was legalized.

For the rising figures of female streets hustlers in Nigeria, here are the seven states that have them in high numbers.

Lagos State:
In as much as Lagos is Nigeria’s business hub that houses lots of industries and arguably the most popular state of the federation with a staggering population of citizens from all parts of the country. It has men with fancy cars, big hotels, lavish spenders and a matching night life. So the influx of prostitutes into the state is staggering, they are almost at every corner, clubs, bars, hotels and everywhere. their clients are not hard to find.

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Is it interesting that a northern state featured in this list? You wondering? Definitely you’ve not been to Kaduna or haven’t witnessed Nightlife there.

Edo State:
Edo is popular for promiscuity both for both their male and female, so prostitution is a way of life in Edo state most especially the state’s capital, Benin. Prostitution is Edo state has been taken to a whole new height where their ladies are taken to other countries like Italy, South Africa to promote the immoral act, hardly will you find a household in Edo state that doesn’t have a representative abroad which other members depend on.

Just like Lagos Abuja is another classy city populated with wealthy, pompous young men and politicians. Money is not the problem of Nigeria’s capital city, it is how to spend it. This make the demand for s*x workers high as the pay is attractive to the ladies involved in it.

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Enugu State:
This state is also jam packed with so many hotels at different areas and prices where ladies patronize by staying in the front to get the attention of men.

Ogun State:
Known for abode for yahoo boys, Ogun state managed to squeeze into this list. We all know these yahoo boys likes oppressing people and fancy hanging around girls. Many young ladies do not see the need to engage in a decent job anymore they rather they prefer prostitution in order to get quick access to money from the so called yahoo boys. Hence, increasing number of prostitutes in the state.

Delta state:
Delta State can not be left out on the list of states with the highest number of prostitutes in Nigeria. Towns like Oghara, Sapele, and Warri are the headquarters of prostitution in Delta State.

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