8 Creatures Found Living Inside The Human Body

8 Creatures Found Living Inside The Human Body

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As a human being we are, we think as far as we clean our body by taking bath everyday that there is no room for these creatures listed below to be found in our body for any reason, most of these creatures can enter into the body through many ways either by what we eat, play ground like swimming a river etc.

That is while in this article i will share with you 8 creatures that is found in human body

8. Brain – Invading Tapeworm

Tapeworm In Humans - Symptoms, How Do You Get & Treatment

‘Spirometra erinaceieuropea’ is a tapeworm from Asia that rarely invades the human body, instead typically infecting carnivores, cats, and dogs. Only about 300 human cases have been reported since 1953.

Several years ago 50 years old Chinese man reported to a UK hospital with complaints of headaches seizures and memory flashbacks and an altered sense of smell and taste.

Doctors ruled out T.B, HIV, Lime disease, and Syphilis. An MRI showed an abnormality and a biopsy detected inflammation but no tumor. For the next four years, MRI showed the abnormal region was moving around in the mans brain.

Medicine professionals didn’t know what was going on so they decided to operate and they removed a 1cm long tapeworm unlike any other ever seen in the UK. It was shipped for genetic testing and was identified as Spirometra erinaceieuropaei.

This species is usually found in China, South Korea, Jap, and Thailand. Unlike many diseases and parasites, es global travel enabled it to spread outside its native regions does not always invade the brain, and has been discovered under the skin in the lungs, and a few other places.

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The creatures presence in the man’s brain easily explains that man’s symptoms which changed as it migrated around the organ. Because the brain tissue is rich in fatty acids which the tapeworm absorbs through its skin it’s an ideal living environment for the invasive pest.

7. Botfly Larvae

What Is A Botfly Maggot: Nature's Most Disturbing Parasite

When a 17-year-old boy from Peru experienced a swollen left eye for several weeks he went to children’s Hospital in Lima to try getting to the bottom of the issue. An MRI revealed that there was a 1.2 inch ( 3cm ) worm living in his eye.

Suspecting it was a Botfly Larvae entomologists and her assistant removed the thing which turned out to be a creature from the eye.

6. Aural Myiasis

Nosocomial aural myiasis in a sixteen-hour old-Indonesian newborn |  Semantic Scholar

Myiasis is the medical term for a maggot infestation in the human body. “Aural Myiasis” pertains to an infestation in the external/or middle ear. It can happen to anyone but is more common among mentally and physically disabled individuals, children, ren, and people with impaired personnel hygiene. Doctors typically treat this condition by removing the lava from the infected site and cleaning it without treatment Aural Myiasis can life-threatening.

5. Cockroach

How Should You Kill a Cockroach? | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

An Australian man named Hendrick Helmet woke up one morning in early 2024 with sharp agonizing pain in his right ear. The pain worsened between intermittent periods of relief and eventually became unbearable. At one point if Helmer was standing up when a jab of pain, caused him to hunch over and drop to the ground.

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4. Sea Snail, knee snail

Johnson: What was growing in Paul's knee? – Orange County Register

A little boy from Aliso Viejo, California named Paul Franklin scraped his knee against a rock during a family camping trip in July 2013. His father Ken Franklin told KCAL that he cleaned and bandaged Paul’s wound. It didn’t seem serious after all, it’s pretty normal for little boys to get cuts and scrapes.

3. Giant Kidney Worm

Wellness Lab Health Info: A Kidney Worm Infection Kills a Women!

In late 2015, a 76-year-old Czech woman named Hana went to the hospital after her doctor urged her to this is after he discovered blood in her urine. Thinking it was a blood clot, emergency room doctors performed surgery, only to discover a 10cm ( 3.9inch ) worm living in the woman’s kidney as well as a 6cm worm in her bladder.

2. Scar dwelling spider

False widow' spider bite on 13-year-old girl's cheek could leave her  scarred for life | UK | News | Express.co.uk

In Bali Indonesia, a spider crawled into Australian vacationer Dylan Maxwell’s appendectomy scar and traveled up his torso, creating an irritating red trail that started blistering. He sought medical care and was prescribed an antihistamine for what the doctor thought was an insect bite.

1.Parasitic Squid Pregnancy

How To Defrost and Prepare Frozen Squid

In June 2012, a 63-year-old woman ate parboiled Japanese flying squid in South Korea and felt a pricking and foreign body sensation as she bit down, according to a paper published in the Journal of Parasitology.

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