8 Places In Nigeria You Must Visit Before You Die.

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Nigeria is one of the countries of the world that is honored with unique tourist attractions, tourism is one of the significant wellsprings of income in Nigeria. It is very heartbreaking and miserable that numerous Nigerians are passing up these favors left for our own happiness by God.

8) Olumo Rock, Ogun State

Have You actually visit Olumo rock? If not, you ought to go look at the stone and you will be left numerous days contemplating over the miracles showered on the earth that we are living in. It is situated in Abeokuta which signifies “Under the Rock” in English. The town itself has a significant store of immense Rocky mountains, yet the most exciting of everything is that of the Olumo rock. Try not to try to miss it.

7) Obudu Mountain Resort, cross-stream

With regards to destinations deserving of viewing, the Obudu mountain resort positions among this rundown. The beneficial thing about this tourist site is the various things you will discover there. From the magnificent scene view to the trolley, the stunning cascades and the overhang walkway is something you would prefer not to miss by any means.

6) Yankari National Park, Bauchi state

This park is one of the most mainstream objective for tourist in Nigeria. A ton of jeopardized animals that are not really found anyplace in the nation are presence at Yankari national park. You will get the chance to see a few animals you never envisioned were even in presence. The magnificent thing about the whole story is the manner in which these animals are dealt with in enormous numbers as they have never been wild animals. Don’t simply trust me go look at it yourself.

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5) Waterfall Arochukwu Town, Abia state

The old town of Arochukwu might be the last spot to actually enter your thoughts. With regards to visiting. Simply checking a portion of its Pictures has got me interested in this spot. The caverns, cascades and loads of mind-blowing nature ponders and structures of cultural heritage are there.

4) Idanre Hills, Ondo state

I have guaranteed my companion I will visit his state subsequent to seeing a portion of the dazzling photos of the Idanre Hills. It comprises of high fields with marvelous valleys blended with inselbergs ( separated slopes and piles) of around 3,000 feet above ocean level. Its physical ascribes incorporate Owa’s place, sanctums, old court, tower, Agboogun impression, thunder water ( Omi Aopara), and entombments hills. There is additionally the Arun stream which is accepted can recuperate any sorts of sicknesses.

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3) Nok town, Kaduna state


I learned about this astonishing spot in culture and inventive are in my lesser auxiliary schools level. It is the home of extraordinary fine arts like dolls, model, painting and stonework. There some work that you may not simply accept that they were molded by people like you

2) Osun holy Grove, Osun state

Forest is the support of the Yoruba cultural custom. The thick timberland of the Osun Sacred Grove is one of the last remainders of essential high backwoods in southern Nigeria. It contains the most extraordinary wood cutting that will take your breath away and leave u dazed.

1) Ikoogosi warm spring Resort, Ekiti state

The Ikoogosi warm spring is the natural miracle in Nigeria. It is a natural blend of both cool and warm in this sparkling spring. It is additionally encircled by natural excellence, for example, slopes and lavish grounds. You will cherish this spot.

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