Before You Think Of Traveling To Italy Through Libya, You Need To See This

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Immigrants travelling through the Mediterranean in search of lush meadows jeopardize their valuable lives. Numerous individuals make this trip, and overpopulation of the boat puts them in danger.

Searching for more promise land on another man’s land isn’t beginning. This tradition has been around for quite a while. Locally, for instance in Nigeria, individuals move from their towns to Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, where they feel in a way that is better than they are today.

The ultimate goal is to live a better life, which is understandable. My own point is to do it by legal means, no matter how difficult the location is, no matter where you are trying to relocate.

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You want a better life, but if life is no longer available, you are losing it. There has always been a point that there is a route to Italy via Libya, but it’s not free. Would you like to save that money and go through legal means?

Get a visa, ticket and work permit and fly to the country you want to hustle. Make money and enjoy life instead of endangering your life in the Mediterranean. Nothing is more valuable than life, so protect it. Many people will die.


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