Breaking: Government Impose Curfew On Nigerians Amidst ENDSARS Protests; Instructs Police Men To Open Fire On Unarmed Civilians

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The government of Nigeria has done little to nothing when it comes to bettering the lives of its citizens over endsars issue.

Upon several days of protests by angry civilians to cause a reform in the police unit in the country and stop brutal killings and torture, the government thought it wise to retaliate by imposing curfew on civilians and firing them with live bullets to end their lives.

It has been reported that, there have been several shooting incidence at Lekki, Nigeria, where people have been killed whiles others are been severely injured.

So many people have expressed their utmost displeasure and bitterness towards the Nigerian government.

In Another Story #EndSARS: I’m Not Afraid For My Life – Falz Says (Video)

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In an interviewed with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Nigerian singer, Falz spoke at length about the #EndSARS protest and why SARS was created.

He also outlined the grieviances of the Nigerian youths against the controversial police unit which is centered on “profiling”.

Falz further pointed out that the major issue surrounding the disbandment of the police, is that same claims have been made continuously over the years.

When Amanpour then asked him how much stock he puts in Buhari’s pledges, Falz, who had been shaking his head cynically as the clip played, said: “It’s infuriating, annoying and frustrating. And I think that’s how everyone is feeling right now.

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“They have been reforming the police for a long time and we have never seen actual action. They announced that SARS had been disbanded in 2017, 2018, 2019 and now 2020. “They just think we are stupid. It is insensitive.”

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