Dear Parents, Never Let Your Child Participate In This Internet Challenge, Here Are Four Reasons Why

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The silhouette challenge has totally taken over the internet, starting from popular short video sharing website, TikTok and spreading like wildfire to other social media platforms especially Twitter and Facebook owned, Instagram. The silhouette challenge in involves woman dancing in front of a camera, mostly naked or sometimes semi naked alongside a doorway to a song called, ‘Put Your Head On My Shoulder’ by Paul Anka, and smoothly transitioning into a song called ‘Streets’ by Doja Cat.

The women who participate in these challenges use a special filter which changes the background colour to red in such a way that only the silhouette or outline of the woman’s body can be seen as she dances. Although women are mostly the demographic participating in the crazed internet challenge, men are also beginning to gain in on the challenge. When the challenge first started, it was mostly done by white people, but recently Nigerian women have also joined the challenge. So Dear parents, here are some things you should know about this challenge so that you can warn your children against participating in it.

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1. The challenge involves one dancing naked and semi naked alongside a doorway with a camera effect which turns the whole screen red thereby resulting in the outline of the lady’s body to be shown, but here is the thing, using the wrong shades of red could reveal more than the body outline of the person dancing. Below is an example using Jerry from Tom and Jerry, so you can get a context of what message I am trying to pass.

2. Some people have learnt to use computers programs which I will not name, to partially remove the red filter on the image, there by the whole body image of the woman is revealed. There are also reports of people taking the silhouette challenge videos and posting them to pornographic websites.

3. The reputation of those that participate in the challenge could be ruined permanently. Before you participate in the challenge of before you let your child participate in the challenge, remember that the internet never forgets and just a short video of about 15 seconds is enough to cause a lot of damage to a person.

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4. Popular figures in Nigeria like Pastor EA Adeboye and Mercy Chinwo has spoken against the challenge.

I hope you have learnt something, from this article. Have you participated in the challenge? Do you know of anyone around you who have participated in the challenge? What was your first reaction when you noticed the challenge? I will like to read you opinion in the comments section. Thank you.

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