Don’t Be Confused, This Is Not The Moon, It Is The Dubai Moon Tower

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Humans have evolved so much that project as well as construction and development, Invention being built by Humans even surprises humans themselves.

Everyday we wake to beautiful inventions and structure, that makes you wonder what these structural engineers where thinking or the architect was thinking when he imagined these kind of buildings.

The Desert Country Of The United Arab Emirates, is one that encourage talented architect to bring their designs to the country and see their dream building come to life.

Dubai Aside from having one of the most busiest Airport, due to it statues as the Number one tourist destination as well as the destination for trade as well.

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Dubai boast of some of the most never to be seen beautiful man made scenery and structure, as it has a futuristic Look.

One of those beautiful structure is the Project which was started a few years back. Also known as the Moon Tower, The Moon Tower houses both residential as well as Hotels in the building.

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