Don’t Be Deceived- See The Real Reasons Why Muslim Women Wear Hijabs, And How It Originated

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Seeing women,-Muslim women, wear hijabs is not a new thing, infact it’s very common, especially in places with high denomination of Muslims.

As a non-Muslim, you might have been wondering the reason why they wear such, you might have also been wondering what the hijab means/implies, and also how it originated. Well, the answers are not far-fetched, read on to find out in this article.

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The word Hijab literally means partition or covering. It’s important to note that it is not the same thing with what we know as veils. They are mainly worn by the Muslim women when they are outside their homes, and/or in the presence of unrelated males. These are 4 reasons why they wear the hijabs;

1) To Please God

The Muslim faithfuls were clearly instructed to dress in a modest way, covering all sensitive parts of their body. In obedience to this instruction, the women wear hijabs, which covers their body and makes them appear modest, thereby pleasing God in the process.

2) To Prevent Female Exploitations By The Males:

It is said that men are usually attracted by whoat they see, now imagine two ladies walking along the road, one is wearing a hijab, while the other is dressed in the modern fashion way. Now, which one of these two ladies do you think that men would be attracted to?. It’s definitely the other lady without hijab. To avoid this unnecessary attractions, which might lead to another thing, it is important that they wear hijabs.

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3) To Be Judged By Worth And Not By Appearance

It is said that the true beauty of a woman is in her character/worth. But this narrative has changed a lot, as many people now see the beauty of a woman by appearance and looks. This shouldn’t be the case, and so the Muslim women wear hijabs so that you can not judge their beauty by how they look, but by their characters and worth.

4) To Curb Male’s S€€ual Desires:

Like I said earlier, men are attracted by what they see, and they are easily aroused when they see some sensitive female body parts. This has been one of the major causes of r@p€ in recent times. To curb this, the Muslim women wear hijabs.

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There are many other reasons, but these 4 are the major ones.

The origin of this wearing of hijabs have not been fully ascertained, but it is clear that it didn’t start with Islam. The Jewish, Christians and Hindu women of long time ago also wore this hijab.

The wearing of hijab is not acceptable in some countries. Some countries in Europe have banned the wearing of all/some types of hijab. However, in countries like; Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc, it is required by the law for the women to wear hijabs in public places.

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