Ever Wondered Why Most Female Soldiers Don’t Go To War? Let’s Find Out

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Generally, it very rear to see a female soldier going to war as men, not because they can’t fight.

In this article, we discuss few reason why it so.

Soldiers today are thought to be only men by certain people, but some women join the army and are doing very well in the army.

Some of these women have been able to go through the rigorous drill successfully.

However, how many of these women have been sent to the war front to fight? Probably a few.

According to a 2019 research, women comprises only 3.8% of the world’s second-largest army compared to 14% of the air force, and 6% of the navy.

There are some reasons why most female soldiers have been excluded from going to war, and these reasons are backed up with facts.

Stress and Injury:

You would agree with me that fighting in the war front is not the same as training in the barracks.

The war zone doesn’t give room for mistakes as mistakes can cost a soldier’s life.

There is no room from resting while bullets are busy flying in the air. This means that to fight in the war front there must be a very high endurance level, and men have been discovered to have this more than the females.

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This is not to say that the female soldiers are not capable of enduring, but the male soldiers have been proven to handle the weight of physical hardship than the female soldiers.

Because of their children:

You may be wondering why the children of these female soldiers might stop them for being sent to the war front, the reason direct.

A lot of soldiers in their countries today have the chance to see their family members very often because they might have been deployed to a state very close to where their families are.

Some of these female soldiers also have time to take care of their children some of which are still infants, and there are some whose children even live with them while they work in the army.

Their work doesn’t stop them because what they do mostly is to show up for peacekeeping, and for some assignments that are not complex.

However, being sent to the war front is not a one-week thing, there are reports of soldiers who have been in the war front for a year or more.

Hence, this is a reason why women are preferred to stay back instead of being sent to war to fight.

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Sexual harassments:

Women are sometimes subjected to sexual harassment irrespective of their fields.

A woman being a soldier doesn’t mean she is free from sexual harassment, even in the camps there may be reports of some of these soldiers getting sexually harassed by the male soldiers.

However, there have been several means that have been adopted to stop this kind of occurrences from happening in the camps.

However, in the war front, these female soldiers are prone to these harassments at a very high level.

There are other reasons why most female soldiers are not allowed to fight at the war front.

These are some of the reasons why they are not allowed to fight in the war front.

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  1. I think the sexual harrassment and child rearing reasons are most important. If the female soldiers are harrassed during peace time ,talk more of during war time at the war front. The male soldiers go dey wack them. I remember during the Nigerian Civil War how both Biafran and Nigerian soldiers were wacking the women in the war ravaged communities. They never spared any woman ,whether old, married or young including minors.Infact the soldiers can kill the husbands if they dared resisting the soldiers from taking their wifes or daughters away.

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