Four (4) Unknown Facts About Israel That looks Unbelievable

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It was said that “There Is No Smoke Without Fire”, The images the images below revels some Israeli woman carrying Guns, this looks strange to many people from another country.

Ever heard of “The 6 Day War”? If not, I will share a little bit of It.

In this article I will share with you 4 Unknown Facts about Israel.

1) Ever heard of “The 6 Day War”? In 1967, Israel (a 19-year old country) was attacked by Egypt, Syria, and Jordan, with forces coming from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Kuwait, Tunisia, Sudan, and the Palestinian Authority. This was a war on every front. Within 6 days, Israel had undisputedly won the war, tripling it’s land mass in the process and pushing back into enemy territories in every direction.

2) Israel is the only country in the world where women can freely move around with semi-automatic and automatic machine guns. While for people who aren’t used to such sight, this may be a bit of a shock to them, but it is because the military training is compulsory for both the men and women, added to their national gun control system.

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3) You might have noticed that almost every other model that graces our screens are skinny in body size? Most people who intend to go into modeling have to be subjected to serious dieting and would need to lose significant amount of weight. However, the converse is the case in Israel. Israel was the first country to ban underweight models.

4) Do you the cellphone-technology has its roots in Israel. It was at the R&D center of Motorola in Israel that Israeli engineers first developed the original cellphone technology. Most of the technology in your mobile phone can be traced back to Israeli engineering.

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From the foregoing, it can be explained why Israel is such a strong force to reckon with in the community of nations. These and much may explain why no nation can easily threaten Israel. What do you think about Israel? Please have your say in the comments section.

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