How To Know You Have a Spirit Spouse

How To Know You Have a Spirit Spouse

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I watched a Western Movie, captioned, “The Dark Bushido”, and saw one of the ways one can be initiated unawares, even as an adult. In the said movie, a man was in quest of power to deliver his people who were oppressively ruled by a European people. He got in touch with a spirit who claimed he could help if he would make a covenant with him. He was to cut his body with his sword and use the blood to write the name of the spirit on it.

This he did. He went and fought and won. When he returned the spirit manifested again to him and told him he was to give his only daughter to him (the spirit) as a wife. He was only to call the girls name and make some enchantment. Then call her on phone and cut the call when she answers.

This he did. That very night the girl who was in another continent, after receiving her father’s call was pondering why her father behaved that way. That night she had a dream where she was having intimacy with an unknown man. This is an instance of how people who has authority over us can sell us in a spiritual transaction in a hidden place. I like to record the fact that those who don’t have the Lord Jesus Christ are like puppets in the hands of satan and his agents.

I related the above story to let my readers know that some people, in fact a lot of people do not know how they got into this problem, but only noticed some of the signs I am about to discuss here.

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(a) Having intimacy in the dream: This is the most common and simplest sign; if one has intimacy in the dream on regular intervals it’s a sure indication that one is involved in spirit marriage. However most people who are into this kind of pervasive relationship know it.

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(b) Spirit visit in a physical form: In the case of Emmanuel Eni (read the book “Delivered from the Power of Darkness”) a spirit woman visited him; his neighbors saw her but only Emmanuel Eni knew that the woman was the queen of the coast.

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(c). Strange visits from animals that are manifestations of the spirit spouse: we have mentioned this earlier and it increases the confusion in classifying this problem. How they are able to have a material body which can also disappear when they feel like is what we can’t tell. I have life testimonies of agents of satan who can disappear at will.

A woman that was delivered under my ministry said that she used to have a visit from a snake. Every other person will see a snake but the woman knew better. She said that this snake used to have intimacy with her.

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(d). Visit from invisible beings that discuss with the victim. Other people will not be able to see the person she is talking to. At times you see the victim dancing or playing with invisible beings and she calls each by name. this often is misunderstood as mental disorder but this is very different from mental breakdown. These are the ones that become medium or medicine men or women because the spirits may teach them how to use some roots and herbs. There was a lady that God used us to set free. This one became insane before her people knew what was happening. At times the spirit will visit in broad daylight; you see her talking to somebody you cannot see.

Problem normally starts when the victim decides to get married or do anything different from wasting away in a hut in the village. Like I pointed out earlier, this is one complicated side of spirit spouse and why it is difficult to classify it in theology.

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(e) Having and nursing children in the dream: Some women, in the physical are not married or may have even been married but no pregnancy. Yet, they will be having feelings common to pregnant women. Then she will deliver in the spirit realm and such deliveries are seen as dreams. : Leowefowa 8x6.5ft Vinyl Halloween Backdrop Demonic Hand Photography Background Demonic Hand with Claws Casting Pentacle Fire Sign on a Hellish Landscape Background Photo Studio : Camera & Photo

(f) Demonic blockade to breakthrough. There are women who do not have any of the above mentioned problems but when a man approaches them for marriage they either become ill, act insane or develop some abnormal disposition. Immediately the man departs, she will regain consciousness. Some men when they decide to approach a woman for marriage, their source of income will begin to suffer set back until the marriage crumbles.

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(g) Inability to concentrate in everyday life endeavors. You will observe such person living a wasteful life; no interest in education or any basic skills. This is often because the spirits deceive the victim to believe that she is rich in the spirit. Indeed when you commence deliverance on her, you hear her crying about her house and properties that are being consumed by fire. Such people live under a confused state of mind. There is the case of a young man who has gone blind now. The spirit will attack any parent or teach that tries to instill discipline into him. This will make the child arrogant and without basic home training and so people will be scared of him and leave him to his folly. These wicked spirits will abandon the victim when he or she has passed the age of achieving anything in life. Due to frustration many of such adults end up as drug addicts and prostitutes.

There was a man who had this problem but because he was born again, the spirit wife was finding it difficult to control him or his marriage. Along the way, I do not know what happened but he and his human life partner began to have sharp misunderstanding and the spirits began to succeed to torment his wife. They did not stand together against the spirit but began to accuse each other. One day the man just dropped dead.

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