How To Toast A Girl

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By Danziger

1st stage

-Don’t rush: follow these steps to win her soul. -Be brave and have Confident: Avoid to be shy while toasting a girl,for this will makes her feel that you are one kind of joker somewhere else.

-Make a littlele bit jealous: Try to make friend with her friends whose she seeks advise from. we’re are not advising you to provoke her,what we mean is that while you make her jealous ,these will make her to be serious with you.

-Maintain your healthy and hygiene: You must looks neat to win her .

-Laugh with her: come on,make the girl laugh for a while. Don’t look sad while talking with her,always makes her laugh.

-Be sincere: Among the best steps to keep in your mind.

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-Make proves that you lover her: you should prove to her your love by amazing her with things you know she likes.

-Praise her with things she do better.


-Go with looks into her eyes: looks into her eyes while talking with her for a while.

-Move your hand on some vital parts of her body: Don’t go and touch her where you know that will provoke her, just touch her hands and some things like that touchable.

-Don’t turn your self to a joker : Always be truthful when dealing with issues concerning both of you.

-Makes yourself reliable: Makes her to rely on you in some or all of her needs if you are willing and able to stand.

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-Fulfill your promises: Make sure that you Fulfill anything that you promise her.

-Share your belongings to her: share your sweater with her when she is cold.

-Like her hobbies

– Jump into her emotion:You should learn to know how to share her emotions with her like Laugh with her when she is happy.

-Make her feel beautiful: As the last stage to win her soul.


After following these steps your door is “SUCCESS”

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