“I Stopped Prostitution When My Dad Showed Up As My Client”- Lady Narrates

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A former Matero commercial s-ex worker in Lusaka came out to admit how she left her job when the unexpected occurred. To help her cover her name, we’re going to name her ‘Judith.’ She was surprised when her dad turned up one night at the bar as her client.

Judith reports that she saw an old man in a nightclub wearing a cap and sunglasses that covered his identity. She says they normally compete for consumers and have little time to be involved in information.

The elderly man, who turned out to be her dad, agreed and went to the lodge to follow her. The two entered their room and the guy pulled his hat and sunglasses off, preparing for s-ex. Judith, who was relaxed now, shed her clothing, bearing in mind that she had to clear up and work on the next one for her customer.

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Judith came face to face with her biological father upon turning around. She rushed out of the room to cover herself. Judith confides in us that it has been five years since the event happened and she is now a changed woman who needs to use this opportunity to tell the story. Judith left her job, but what brought her to the streets can never be forgotten. The pair have not spoken of the ordeal nor shared it with any members of their families.

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