If You Are Above 21yr This Important Piece Of Advice Is For You

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An individual can be considered complete and fully functioning when he is physically, socially, mentally, spiritually and emotionally stable. If a person is deficient in any of these aspects, it may have an adverse effect on his or her life.

Relationships are part of the emotional aspect of humans, and are also very important because the feeling of being alone is bad. Another reason is that, if any individual is not emotionally balanced, it can affect all the other aspects of their life.

For instance, a man who just got heartbroken by a lady on the day he wants to write an exam will most likely not concentrate when writing the exam. Another example is that, If a lady who has been in a relationship for five years suddenly receives a text message that the relationship is over on the day she has an interview, she is prone to underperform during the course of the interview. That’s the major reason everyone should get the adequate knowledge about relationships before venturing into it.

Relationship is not child’s play, it can make or mar an individual’s life if care is not taken. We all want to feel loved and accepted by people, especially our significant others. The mystery behind this wish is that, you know what’s in your heart, but can never know what’s in the heart of the person you love.

There have been several cases of people who genuinely loved and trusted their partners but didn’t receive the same gesture but got heartbroken, betrayed and some even died in the process. Learn from the mistakes of others in order not to become a victim.

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These few tips will open your eyes to the reality of life and guide your decision making process in terms of relationships and life in general.

1. Love with your ‘head’ and heart, not your heart alone.

2. If you are not interested in dating or marrying an individual, let them go. Don’t waste their time, energy and resources.

3. As a lady, it is not your place to chase after a man. Let the man do his job.

4. Do not get a lady pregnant if you are not ready to become a father; this could derail your goals and hers in life.

5. As a lady, don’t turn your man to an ‘ATM machine’. You will make him lose interest in you quickly.

6. Add value to the life of your partner; no one throws something valuable to them away.

7. The fact that your partner introduces you to all his or her family members doesn’t guarantee marriage. It’s the harsh reality of life.

8. When someone says they need space, please give them.

9. The act of double dating often leads to loosing the both partners in the long run; be guided.

10. It’s important to know that relationship and marriage is not the solution to your loneliness problem. There are several married people who are still lonely.

11. Make sure you are ready to get married to a lady soon before putting an engagement ring on her finger. You could be chasing potential suitors who are ready away from her.

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12. When the person you love breaks your heart, cry for a while and move on please.

13. Calling your partner 20 to 30 times in a day is not love, it’s obsession. Remember, they have a life asides you.

14. Address any issue you don’t want early, in order to resolve it quickly. Adults hardly change.

15. The moment you realise that you are the only one always calling or initiating conversations all the time, just accept the fact that you are already dating yourself.

16. Under no circumstances should you as a lady give birth to children for a man that has not paid your bride price. He is most likely not going to pay it again.

17. The fact that you cook, clean and perform domestic activities for your partner does not guarantee marriage. That’s the fact.

18. Do not think that because someone left you, something evil will befall them. Just hope for a new beginning for yourself.

19. If you notice any sign of violence, it’s left for you to decide whether to stay or leave.

20. Whenever your partner uses the word, ‘we have to talk’, it’s either the relationship is about to move forward or end. Just be prepared for any of the eventuality.

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