Meet Maasai People On Their Leaping Dance Contest

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The Maasai individuals in Kenya have a traditional leaping dance contest called adumu. The leaping dance contest requires an adult ready to settle down to jump the highest and choose who he would marry. Dance is part of the intriguing traditions of Maasai individuals however Adumu is special to them.

It is important to state here that, in the past, warriors would showcase their strong ability and astute bravery by killing a lion. Notwithstanding, in the contemporary, warriors currently jump high to showcase their bravery and ability. It is about how high you can jump above others.

The tradition is a pleasure to watch as everyone fixes their eyes above. It accompanies a great deal of liveliness, eye-popping and mouth gaping. The two people participate in the traditional viably and proficiently.

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Indeed, they would prepare themselves by painting and carving designs on their faces and bodies with ochre. Ochre is a red and earthly colour popular among the Masai individuals of Kenya.

This tradition allows participants to wear an array of shawls, necklace, dazzling beadwork and intricate. In an African cultural setting, wearing ornaments is amazingly essential for beatification.

Another intriguing part of this traditional leaping dance is simply the way warriors mind up. The final result could conclude who will be their missing rib.

The leaping dance tradition goes with men arming themselves with chasing spears where men meet up before fanning out into a circle.

The dance looks easy without flinching of the spectators however it is difficult especially when they are landing which requires a great deal of stamina and strength.

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Do you realize that ladies dance during Adumu? They sing to perk up their brave sons yo tiger on. The young ladies would also sing to fuel the collaboration and morale of their favourite warriors.

It is a verifiable truth, Africa, the second largest continent on the planet, is me up of various ethnic nationalities with a myriad of cultures and traditions.

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