Meet The Model Nicknamed “Queen Of The Dark”

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Jinete Nyakim Gatwech, the only Black model working in the hair and beauty industry in Kenya is the queen of the dark. She was once mistaken for “Pumbaa” from The Lion King, although with brown hair and a skin tone that differs from the blue CGI character’s. She’s just as beautiful as the mane.

She told @CurlyHair_Dubai in a new interview: “People with natural hair have more followers and positive feedback. People try to cover them up in their own subtle ways. You don’t really see black women with natural hair in the media. If they had a cover or if they had that kind of visibility, the world would be a more accepting place.”

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She explained to the UK-based The Fader:

“They’re a type of person that no one wants to be. They are an outsider to society, so they’re hated. They’re not accepted by the community. Nobody wants to have that look because society does not respect people like that. This is who I am. I love my hair.”

She added: “When they see me they say ‘Thank you for being beautiful like me’, but I always tell them it’s because you like your natural hair. You like being a natural person. You like who you are, and not what you look like.”

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