Video: Meet The Tribe Where Men Wear Make Up And Parade For Women To Marry Them

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We all know that when it to comes to dating, getting married or picking a spouse, the Men do the chasing. The Women simply sit, look beautiful and trust that Men will come Marry them. Well this isn’t same all over, there are places where the Women really do the picking, while Men do the parading.

In Nigeria and Chad, there is a tribe known as the Wodaabe people, they are not quite civilized like us. Just like every tribe in the world, this Wodaabe people have their own strange tradition too.

They always have a ceremony called the Gerewol Festival, where Women get to select their husbands. The Men would put on full face Make up, dress well, look colourful so they can attract the Women to pick them.

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The even go ahead to wear wigs on their heads, them have a Pageant/Parade, so the Women can make a choice and marry one of them.

They take their time in making up, just to have a form of beauty pageant, so the Women can choose who she finds Worthy to be her Husband.

For the Wodaabe people, a Man is handsome when he has white eyes and white teeth, and also when he is tall. This is why the Men open their eyes, roll it, and open their teeth for the Women to see.

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Even though the Women are always younger than the Men, this doesn’t stop the tradition for going on. They dance during the festival, from morning till night, all to appease the Women. See more pictures below;

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