Meet The Tribe Who Bury Their Dead By Burning And Eating Their Flesh (Photos)

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Much the same as how Africa in general are blessed with bunches of customs and traditions, the South American individuals additionally have their own with theirs being one of the most scariest tradition that I’ve ever observed.

In this article, I would be offering to you folks a snippet of data concerning how individuals in South America especially people of the Yanomami clan bury their dead.

The Yanomami tribe who are otherwise called Senema or Yanam are generally found in parts of Brazil and Venezuela. The people of this tribe don’t concentrate on modernization as they proceed to practice and believe in their traditions and culture.

Rather than sending off the dead by giving them a befitting burial like we all know, the Yanomami people do theirs in another way as they practice a ritual known as ‘Endocannibalism’. For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea what endocannibalism is, it’s the practice whereby the body of a dead individual is eaten by the individuals who are from a similar tribe.

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The people of Yanomami tribe broadly believe that the soul of an individual should be protected even after death and they believe this is done when the body of the dead is scorched and eaten by his/her family members who are as still alive.

Unlike the normal burial ceremony that you and me know, this people set fire on the dead and allow it to burn, leaving them with bones which is then grounded till it gives them a powder solution which they would now mix with the ashes.

They use this powdered solution to then prepare banana soup, a local delicacy which is now given to the relative of the person to eat. They believe that the only way through which the soul of the dead can attain eternal peace is when this whole ritual is done.

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Despite the fact that I have seen a bunches of weird and abnormal traditions and beliefs, I think this is the first occasion when that I would be finding out about this Yanomami tribe.



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