Meet The Woman who Claim she Was The Wife Of God

Meet The Woman Who Claim She Was The Wife Of God

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As indicated by an Oxford Scholar, God had a spouse whose name was Asherah.

Historian Rachael Patai was the principal individual to specify that the Israelites worshipped both Yaweh and Asherah. She made this case in 1967 and later on, numerous other historians concurred with her.

Francesca Stavrakopoulou, who is a senior lecturer in the department of Theology and Religion at the University of Exeter zeroed in much work on the Yaweh-Asherah association.

Meet The Woman who Claim she Was The Wife Of God

“Following quite a while of research gaining practical experience in the history and religion of Israel, however, I have gone to a vivid and what could appear, to a few, awkward decision that God had a spouse.” She guarantees.

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In light of amulets and figuring she unearthed in Ugarit (a spot that was before a cannanite region) she saw essential evidence that there was at one time a ground-breaking goddess of richness known as Asherah.

Meet The Woman who Claim she Was The Wife Of God
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As indicated by Stavrakopoulou, Asherah’s association with God is clarified in the Bible and a 8th century BC engraving on a stoneware. She guarantees that the engraving makes is clear that the God of the Bible once had a spouse.

Edward Wright a researcher, disclosed to Discovery News that he consents to the numerous discoveries that lays an association with “God and His Ahserah.”

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Aaron Brody, a teacher of the Bible says that the motivation behind why the notices of Asherah in the Bible are unimportant is on the grounds that the Bible was heavily altered by old authors who presumably needed the worship of only one God—Yaweh—to stick out.

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