Meet Tribe That Offers Their Wife As Gifts To Their Visitors

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The Himba tribe in any case know as the Orahimba tribe are indigenous peoples with an expected populace of around 50,000 individuals living in northern Namibia, in the Kunene Region and on the opposite side of the Kunene River in southern Angola.

They have throughout the long term held solidly to their cultural beliefs. They challenged western impact and maintained culture practice that many discover ridiculous.

The individuals of Himba have a training called “Okujapisa Omukazendu” which means offering wife to the visitor. It is where a man permits his visitor to lay down with his wife the evening of his visit as an indication of excitement or joy over the visit.

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On this night the spouse needs to rest in a different Hut. In a situation whereby there is no accessible Hut, the spouse dozes outside.

Polygamy is likewise a typical practice among the Himba tribe.

Individuals additionally don’t bath with water. This is a direct result of the brutal atmosphere situation in the zone. Rather, the use the red Ochre on their skin and then make use of a daily smoke bath together, 5o keep up their hygiene. This doesn’t not make them less beautiful.

Individuals are friendly to outsiders and visitors however won’t permit obstruction in their way of life.

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Can you offer your wife to your guest for a night?

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