My Encounter With A Real Life Angel -true Life Story

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By Mr Bayo Adeyinka

When it comes to angelic things many people finds it difficult to believe and doubt there existance.

In this article we will share a story inspired by a man called Mr. Bayo Adyinka. So sit back and read his experience.


I was contesting for the Students Union Presidency that year. As I went around on campus for my campaign that particular day, a lady approached me. She told me her name is Bola and God sent her to me.

She told me God said I should give her 6 people who will join her to pray for me each day I’m out on campaign. They were to continue to pray until I got back each day. I obeyed and selected 6 friends and with her (making 7), I opened my room each day for them.

Article and Photo Credit: Bayo Adeyinka, YouTube, Pinterest
Article and Photo Credit: Bayo Adeyinka, YouTube, Pinterest

They all came together to pray while I campaigned. Daily. They stopped on the eve of the election. I won that election by a landslide. It was my second attempt but the margin of win was massive. My votes were more than that of the other 5 contestants summed together.

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Yes, that was truly a miracle. But here’s where I’m going.

The day after the election, I went round to appreciate my supporters. I decided to visit Sister Bola to thank her. She told me she lived at a particular house not far from the Post Office at Takie, Ogbomoso.

The house was on the main road around where Bovas Filling Station is located now. I got to that house that afternoon and saw a lady who pointed upstairs when I asked for Sister Bola’s room. It was an old building with wooden staircase.

As I made to climb the stairs, the lady told me something that still gives me goosebumps till date. Sister Bola came to the house on election day, brought a van and evacuated her belongings. When fellow occupants asked her why she was moving, she said her assignment is over. I went upstairs and saw the room padlocked.

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I went back to her Department. She had told me she was a student in the Faculty of Agriculture. I double checked from the lecturers and many students. I described her- dark, a bit chubby, round cheeks, plaited her hair (with rubber).

No one had seen her before. No one existed with that description.

Till date, I have not seen Sister Bola. That happened around 1997. I believe she was an angel sent by God. I believe in the supernatural.

You may not believe, but your lack of faith will not make my faith of no effect.

Heb 13:2-Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

Article and Photo Credit: Bayo Adeyinka, YouTube, Pinterest.

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