Remember The Boy That Said I Cannot Use My Ma Ma, See What Actually Happened

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These days it is hard to differentiate what is fake and what is real, because everything seems to be taken as a joke, as one of the boy skit or the other. Now we don’t even know what is the truth, and what is a lie anymore due to what people do.

People now take serious situations as comedy skits, they toy with people’s emotions all in the name of comedy. Just because they want to trend one way or the other, they come up with silly stunts.

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Just two days ago, a video of a young boy who they said was a Yahoo boy surfaced online. The video showed the money he ran mad, saying He can’t use his mother to do money rituals. Click here to watch the video;

Well I went ahead to do more research on him, and I found out he is just a comedian and just a skit maker. His name is Lord Of Lemon, That video is also one of his, he has more other skits that he has done in the past.

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