Remenber What Late Ojukwu Did At Lagos International Trade Fair, See This

Remenber What Late Ojukwu Did At Lagos Int’l Trade Fair, See This

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Many years back, Ojukwu who was a military personnel from Nnewi in Anambra State lead the individuals of Biafra to battle for the detachment of Nigeria.

After the war, Odumegwu Ojukwu, who pulled in global consideration when he drove the Republic of Biafra’s withdrawal from Nigeria in 1967 and subsequently waged a civil war that left more than 1 million dead. Dim Odimegwu came to trade-fair for the opening ceremony.

Remenber What Late Ojukwu Did At Lagos International Trade Fair, See This
Late Ojukwu At Lagos International Trade Fair

As per what was recorded that time He Said

“After the mic was handed over to him, ‘he glanced around and saw strong works Igbo did in Lagos moronically, and he shouted ‘ EWU KWENU ‘, they reacted yea, he repeated for the subsequent time,’ EWU KWENU ‘, they reacted once more. also, he said to them,

“You relinquished Both, Nnewi, Onitsha and the rest, just for you to come here and build probably the biggest market in West Africa,” You will regret developing this place one day.

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In this way, I chose to salute your stupidity. OJUKWU drops the amplifier and left immediately. Ask anybody this.”

Today what’s going on?

Only one functioning ATM on second day of Lagos Trade Fair – Punch Newspapers

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