See 3 Strange Wonders In Africa

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The deserted outdoor film cinema in Egypt.

On the Northern landscape of Egypt, there is a collection of chairs for an adult film theater, as reported by one historian photographer, who vacated the place recently, the cinema was built by an anonymous French man, many years ago.

One particular day, they determined to build a film cinema there, they went to Cairo, and sent over some old seats, a power generator, and a massive TV screen for the plan.

Nevertheless, the citizens who appeared not to be happy about the cinema, attacked the inauguration of the theatre. The theatre is neglected until now, in the midst of the desert. Some musicians now make use of the place to record music videos.

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The Lake Nyos.

Lake Nyos has been named as the most toxic lake on earth by the Guinness Book Of Records. In 1986, the lake murdered around 1,700 individuals, and almost 3,500 animals. The occurrence likewise made many people have health complications.

The chemicals emanated by Lake Nyos is from the hole inside a Lake, located in the North-west area of Cameron, the Lake is beside a stagnant volcano, and is usurped by the volcanic dam.

There is a Magma below the Lake, which emits Carbon Dioxide inside the Lake, the water in it turns into an acidic carbon, which makes the Lake among the poisonous Lakes on earth.

The 7-colored soil of Chamarel.

For generations, the tale of this phenomenal stays enveloped in mystery. It is situated in the South-west landscape of Mauritius.

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This popular destination in Africa is watered by a waterfall of 83 meters high, which provides visitors a proper view of this wonderful enchantment.

It was designed from a volcanic explosion. It’s a small space of sand-dune made with 7 unique colors, a lot of tourists attend this area every year, to view this beautiful site.

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