5 Strange Things That Happens In Dead Sea You Need To Know

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The Dead Sea can be located in Jordan, Israel. It’s a Salk Lake that’s bordered by Jordan down to the east and west banks of Israel. The Dead Sea lies in the Rift Valley of Jordan and its main tributary is the River Jordan. This Seashores and surface are about 430.5m below the sea level and the earth’s lowest elevation on land.

Although the name might sound scary and strange, the view of this Sea is so beautiful. However, the Sea is one of the most visited places by travels in Israel. Most people travel down to Israel just to have a view of the Sea.

Here in this article, I will share 5 strange things you need to know about the Dead Sea.



The Shores And Surface of the Sea are 1,388 ft which is equivalent to 423 meters below the sea level. This makes the Sea earth Elevation lowest on land.


The Sea is 1,237ft Deep, this makes it the deepest hyper-saline lake in the world. What is Hyper-saline? “ It’s a landlocked body of water that contains a quality concentration of sodium chloride and other mineral salts”.


Due to the high concentration of the salt level in the Dead Sea, it makes it easy for people to float with ease on the Sea. Most seas are salty but not like the Dead Sea, the natural buoyancy makes things float easily on the Dead Sea.

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In the Bible, The Sea is the place of refuge for King David. This is also one of the world’s health resort for Herod the Great.


The Sea is about 42mi long which is equivalent to 67 kilometers. And 11mi wide which is equivalent to 18 kilometers, And it could be located at the Jordan Rift Valley.

There Are Also Some Photos From the Sea;

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