See The Church Of Satan Distroyed By The Youths In Abia State (Photos)

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The Assemblies of Light Bearer Greater Church of Lucifer, popularly known as Church of Satan in Ohafia, founded by Mr. Ifekwe Udo, today was knocked down and destroyed by the youths of Ebem Ohafia community, Abia State.

Ifekwe Udo, the founder of the church who is popularly callwd Fada-Fada or Lucifer has been questioned many times if he was really a native of Ohafia. His popularity started with humanitarian works as he started providing jobs for the youth and also gave motorcycle to some, who pays back after a given time.

But what prompted Ifekwe’s arrest and demolition of his church was that his church violated lockdown rules and his members had been said to have allegedly terrorised the community. And there is suspicion of child trafficking going in the community.

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No matter what, people should be allowed to practise their religion without intimidation and oppression.

Religious preferences have no place in a secular State such as Nigeria. Since Nigeria is not a theocracy, this is abuse of power by the so called youths.

It can only be demolished if it constitutes a nuisance to the general well-being of people.

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The Illuminati

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