See What Happens To Your Child When His Or Her Tears Enters His Ears. Don’t Ignore

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It’s normal when a child cries, It can also be extremely annoying to adults when you as an adult can’t figure out the reason for their cries. Children cry for so many reasons, for example: when they are hungry, in pains, sick, when they miss their mother, uncomfortable or when they need affection.

When a child is crying while laying down upright, the tears flows towards their ears, this causes era infection called Acute Medium Otitis.

We as adults or parents need to wipe away their tears or sit them upright to avoid the tears rushing towards their ears, thereby causing era infection, which they can not even endure the pains. Let’s avoid exposing our children to such ailment at that early stage of their lives.

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Avoid statements like, mummy my ear is opining me. Remember, had I know always come at last.

Initial writeup and image credited to Herbs and curative remedy group

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