See What I Saw In The Qur’an About Abraham’s Wife, Sarah That Got Me Confused (See Photo)

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The story of Abraham is one of the most thrilling and great pointed out story in both the Qur’an and the Bible.

Abraham who is known as the father of many nations is a native of Ur in Mesopotamia.

He was called by God to leave his home town to an undesignated land where he turns into the founder of a new kingdom.

After many years of barrenness, God blessed Abraham with a child which he named the baby Issac and that was when Abraham was 100 years old and his wife was ninety years old.

Then according to the Bible, God told him to sacrifice Issac to him.

Now from the passage In the Bible, it says that Abraham took Issac to sacrifice him to the Lord and when Abraham raised his knife to sacrifice Isaac, his one and only son but God stopped Abraham and said, “Do no longer do whatever to him which I now know that you love God because you haven’t withheld from me your son, your one and only son.”

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And after Abraham had sacrificed the lamb as opposed to his only son called Isaac, they both left.

Then after many years Isaac’s mother Sarah died for no reason because the Bible failed to tell us what killed her.

However, inside the Qur’an, it says an entire distinctive story and it got me confused.

According to the Qur’an, it says both Abraham and Isaac agreed to go beforehand inside the sacrifice. And while God told Abraham now not to sacrifice Isaac, he gave him a lamb to sacrifice in preference to his one and an only son called Issac.

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The Qur’an additionally went further to mention, years later Sarah, the spouse of Abraham died because of the occasion of Isaac binding.

That means that Sarah died due to the event of Isaac’s sacrifice.

Since then I was confused because:

1. The Qur’an said that Sarah died out of fear, is it true?

2. Was it Abraham’s or God’s fault that Sarah died?

2 Replies to “See What I Saw In The Qur’an About Abraham’s Wife, Sarah That Got Me Confused (See Photo)”

  1. This is not the story of Abraham in the Quran, I don’t know where you saw this your claims,may all in your Bible…read the story of Abraham in the Quran and you ll be safe

  2. This is not the story in the Quran
    In the Quran God told Abraham to sacrifice Ismael his first born older than Isaac almost7 years
    According to the bible Abraham had two sons
    And to sacrifice your son your only son that means the time of the sacrifice he had one son and for sure the eldest Ismael
    Till now the muslims celebrate this event yearly

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