See What Will Happen If The Staff Of Oba Of Lagos Is Not Return

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As we all know, the oba of Lagos staff was taken after hoodlums broke into his palace and cattred away with his belongings along with the Covid19 relief materials that was packed in a warehouse there. Many of the things in the compound was taken and also his wears and cash was also taken. Despite all these being looted, the most surprising would definitely be the staff which was also stolen. The hoodlums made away with it and till date it has not been returned. Many individuals have made online pleas for the staff of the oba to be returned but it looks like those pleas are falling on deaf ears.

An ultimatum was given to those who took it to return it before today runs out and here are the few things that is likely to happen if it’s not returned.

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1. Mass Arrest Of The Perpetrators.

For all we know, the thugs or hoodlums rather who took it was captured on camera in the video that went viral few days ago. Now that the pleas have been made for its return, if it’s not returned……. then the authorities are likely to make arrest based on the clues found from the video.

2. Place A Spell On Whoever Has It.

Now this is the most scary aspect of it. A curse or spell may be placed on whoever is in possession of the staff of power because it’s the symbol of the Oba’s authority. It’s been in the Palace for years and it’s an integral part of the tradition.

3. House Searching.

Of course this may prove to be the most fruitless of the 3 but dont rule it out. It may also surprise a few and yield some result provided that the person in possession of the staff can only hide it inside his or her house because it cant be used outside. The person may have placed it as a souvenir but that will be a wrong decision if so.

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All in all, I think that the person in possession of this staff should gently and peacefully return it now so as to avoid severe repercussions if it’s taken seriously.

What do you think about this?

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