See Why A Boy Slept IN A Bank's Toilet

See Why A Boy Slept IN A Bank’s Toilet

It was very surprising that a human being will have the mind to sleep in a bank’s toilet, He told the court that he entered the bank around 4.00 p.m during banking hours and locked himself in the toilet.

“At night, I went to the bulk room of the bank where I saw money; I took N340,000 and kept it in my pocket.

“I had a lighter with me when I was trying to exit the bank, the lighter attracted the security guards so I ran back to the toilet and locked myself up again,” Ayomikun said.

The defendant added that when he eventually came out of the toilet, the security guards searched him and recovered the sum of N340,000 from him.

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This boy have been doing this every time, knowing fully well that is not good.

In Another Story Some Of The most Mysterious Places In The World And No 7 Is In Nigeria

As the world we know is so big, and we might not be able to cover or go to every places on Earth but then, we can just know those places, mysterious places on Earth are places where it’s formation is strange to man, places we don’t know how they were formed or why they where formed, some of these places might be harmful to man, while some are just strange. Now we can just know these places and may one to visit them one day.

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These are the top 10 most mysterious places on Earth.

10. Richat structure in Mauritania.
9. Eternal flame falls in USA: The eternal flame falls in US is a flame they never goes down, while some scientist said there could be some presence of natural gas there.

8. Tower of London in England: There are stories surrounding the tower, stories of hauntings and mysterious happenings, sighting of Thomas Becket a martyred saint, however the most mysterious there is the apparition of the headless body of one queen seen lurking on the spot she was killed

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