“Sex In The City: Mr Tunde Balogun Handed The Party Ticket To His Girlfriend, Ahead Of The Candidate That Was Openly Declared As The Winner Of The Just Concluded APC Councillorship Election In Ward F3, Surulere Local Government”

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Out of avalanche challenges we are confronted with as a Party, Mr Tunde Balogun is more concerned about imposing her prostitute aspirant on the good people of ward F3. This move shows that Mr Tunde Balogun does not value the overall interests of the people of Surulere, despite the fact that an organized and open Primary election  (APC) was well conducted at Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, where Olayiwola Abdulrahman Akeem polled 289 votes, and Khadijat Omotayo polled 61 votes.

Despite this, Mr Tunde Balogun (APC, State Chairman) still continue to allowed his personal interest override the general interest of the people.

We in ward F3 totally rejected this move, because it is undemocratic, unconstitutional and his decision is against the party principles in which is being built upon

It is a public knowledge that Olayiwola Abdulrahman Akeem won convincingly, with a wide margin to defeat his party opponent at the just concluded APC councillorship election, that was held at the open ground of Teslim Balogun Stadium in Surulere, which the votes was counted in the face of the mother’s, father’s and children’s of Ward F3.

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And yet, Mr Tunde Balogun in his usual unscrupulous act, like a chameleon, who’s act is to destroy the good will of the public, purposely, because he’s having an extra marital affairs with the aspirant, Khadijat Omotayo, which is morally wrong, as such person can set the house on fire with his megalomaniac and cleopatra behavior.

With statistics finding, inline with the signature of the returning Officer of the just concluded APC councillorship primary election in ward F3: Dated; Saturday, May 29th, 2021

It was unambiguously announced by the party returning Officer, in the presence of the teaming Surulerians in ward F3, the results of the election, without biased or preference given to any of the aspirants;

Number of accredited voter’s: 375

Total votes cast: 375

Invalid votes: 25

Olayiwola Abdulrahman polled: 289 votes

Khadijat Omotayo polled: 61 votes

Returning officer: Mr Aremu Monsurudeen.

With this fact and figures, with reference to pictorial and videos evidences, it is clearer that Olayiwola Abdulrahman Akeem won the Ticket of the party, ahead of Khadijat Omotayo.

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We’re stating it in clear terms that Mr Tunde Balogun, APC State Chairman to kindly revert his earlier decision on imposing his political prostitute aspirant, Khadijat Omotayo on the good people of Ward F3.

Our Party is known for good and it won’t be fair enough if Mr Tunde Balogun is being seen as the person that is fuelling for civil unrest in Surulere.

Olayiwola Abdulrahman Akeem is the Candidate elected from Ward F3 to represent us in the forthcoming local government general election.


Youth wing.
Women leader.
Leadership forum.
(Ward F3, Surulere Local Government)

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