I Put A Camera In My Daughters Room To Find Out Why She Locks Herself Up And This Is What I Saw

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According to a story which was sent us at info affairs a woman told everyone of what she did to know why her daughter always locks herself up inside a room every two days.

According to the woman,she noticed that her daughter has been doing some very weird stuffs lately and also locks herself up in her room every two days.

The young lady in this story is 17 years of age and her mom is a single mother who always make out every possible time for her daughter despite the fact she is working so she won’t take the wrong paths,make bad friends or bad decisions as she is growing into adulthood

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It was 5 months before she will turn 18 and her mum noticed that she has started isolating herself and also,she stopped talking to her mum anymore and she was keeping everything to herself.

According to her mum,every two days,she will go into her room,lock the door and would not agree to come out till the next day,she doesn’t even bother to eat or do anything throughout the whole day, her mum called her and asked why she was behaving like that and she wouldn’t even budge.

Her mum decided to put a camera in her room before the next two days,after the two days has passed,her mum picked the camera up and watched the whole video,she was so surprised about what she saw.

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According to her mum,she explained that she was holding a ball of light and chanting strange languages,where could I have gone wrong? My daughter has joined cult,What I’m I going to do? She asked.

Well,this is a very touching story and I would love to hear your thoughts on the mother’s question,What do you think she should do?.

I need advice!!!

5 Replies to “I Put A Camera In My Daughters Room To Find Out Why She Locks Herself Up And This Is What I Saw”

  1. She needs counselling. If the mother know she has not acted funny before her in the past, it is surprising for a girl of that age to start practicing such level of cultist. the mother needs to confront her and tell her the truth. At least the mother should find 5 story of those that serve other gods and practiced such cult that end up in tragedy.

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