Tablet With Integrated Camera Could Revolutionize Endoscopy

Tablet With Integrated Camera Could Revolutionize Endoscopy

The system is completely wireless and the device can be controlled by the endoscopist
Like technology, medicine also advances over time. Several revolutionary treatment methods are launched to ensure quality of life for people. The most recent of these promises to perform internal diagnostics without any hassle.
The NaviCam produced by Ankon company is able to perform endoscopy capsule wirelessly. The device can be swallowed by the patient as it has a single use. The device is controlled remotely by magnetic guidance hardware .
To use NaviCam , the patient must be fasting and drink about a liter of water . This reduces gastric mucus and distends the stomach, improving visualization. After preparation, the patient can swallow the device.

The capsule is small, 12mm x 28mm, and consists of a camera, an LED light, a magnet, a wireless circuit to send and receive signals and a small battery that can last up to eight hours.

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The capsule can be guided automatically by the body or manually using a joystick guided by the endoscopy. The images are captured at two frames per second and sent to the portable data recorder. After the examination, the capsule is expelled in the stool .

In Another Story Microbes In May Indicate Whether We Will Die In The Next 15 Years

Studies show that microbes present in the human body can detect diseases and problems better than genes
The microbes present in the human body have been linked to many things. Now, scientists say they can reveal a lot about people’s future health. Two new studies reveal that the “microbiome” – the mixture of microbes in our gut – can reveal the presence of disease more effectively than the genes themselves – in addition to anticipating the risk of dying in the next 15 years.
In the first study, the researchers reviewed 47 theses that analyzed associations between the collective genomes of intestinal microbes and 13 common diseases. This included schizophrenia , hypertension and asthma – all considered “complex” because they are caused by environmental and genetic factors. They then compared the results with 24 other studies from the Genomic Association (GWA), which correlated specific human genetic variants with diseases.

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Overall, the genetic signature of intestinal microbes was 20% better at detecting a healthy person and a patient than genes, the team reported in an article published this month. The microbiome was 50% more effective than GWA studies in predicting whether someone had colorectal cancer. A person’s genetic profile only surpassed the microbiome by predicting whether someone had type 1 diabetes.

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