Testimony Of Buddhist Monk Who Saw Buddha In Hell, And Saw The King Of Hell

Testimony Of Buddhist Monk Who Saw Buddha In Hell, And Saw The King Of Hell

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Wonders, they say, shall never end. there have been marvelous stories of people who have had divine encounters. Some people have claimed to meet Jesus Christ, and others have testified of seeing heaven and hell, and many others have claimed to die and be brought back to life.

One of these people who shared their testimony of divine encounter, is a Buddhist Monk called “Athet Pyan Shinthaw Paulu”. This man was a devout Monk, brought up right from childhood in the sacred religion of Buddhism.

He was so serious that he actually went to sleep in cemeteries, so as to increase in spirituality. It was during this time, he fell sick and according to his family, he was told he actually died for 3 days.

However, the young man all the while, was been shown a vision of hell and heaven. He testified that he saw the king of hell, who showed him Buddha (the one Buddhists worship), in hell, and also showed him another very famous Monk in hell.

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The young man was told that these people were suffering in hell, despite all their good deeds, because they didn’t believe in Jesus Christ. The most surprising of all, is that he also testified of seeing Goliath in hell. The appearance of Goliath he saw in hell, was a very tall man, with military armor, sword and shield, with a wound on his forehead. The king of hell also explained to him that Goliath was there because he blasphemed against God.

The young man was then given a brief tour of heaven, after which he was sent back to earth, only to wake up in a coffin, surrounded by mourning family members.

Today, this man is a firebrand Christian, and has been sharing his testimony ever since. Although several people who dont believe his story have claimed he was only having hallucinations, the fact that this young man’s life was completely turned around, is enough evidence that his testimony is true. There are many more details to his story, which he shared as videos and audio tapes.

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God never ceases to show his amazing and unconditional love. Just as he converted Saul in the Bible to Paul, so also he is converting lost souls back to him, from every race and religion. Truly nothing is impossible with God.

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