The ‘Passage To The Underworld’ Supposedly Found Under The Pyramid Of The Moon In ...

The ‘Passage To The Underworld’ Supposedly Found Under The Pyramid Of The Moon In Teotihuacán

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The discovery in an underground tunnel in Teotihuacan is one that has been a debate among religious and scientific communities. The discovery was made by Mexican archaeologists who found a cave buried 10 meters deep under the pyramid of the Moon.

These fortunate scientists were also able to discover access tunnels to that cave and they realized that the pyramid was built based on that cave, being the first structure to be built in the ancient town of Teotihuacan. The pyramids are described as the doorway to the underground because of a similar network of tunnels and caverns below that represent the underworld.

The investigation into the idea of the underworld and its passageway is one that has been on the minds of archaeologists, who have found most of these discoveries very interesting. Though many discoveries had earlier been made, like the ones that were confirmed in 2017 and 2018. However, this particular discovery seems to be the icing on the beautiful cake of fine historical and religious discovery.

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The discovery was made in the small and ancient town of Teotihuacan which is located in the valley of Mexico. What makes this ancient city or town interesting is that it was built by an unknown civilization. One then wonders why this civilization could be so obsessed with the idea of a passageway to the underworld that they even built passageways and caverns that they believe will lead them to the other side of the world.

I have heard a read into this civilization and I have found that they are one of the greatest human civilizations at some point and they believed that they had access to the gods who stayed in the underworld.

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The three main pyramids discovered were temples used for ceremonies dedicated to their underworld gods. Of all the pyramids, the pyramid is known as the pyramid of the sun is the most important and most used. The pyramid of the sun stands at 65 meters high, while that named after the moon stands at 45 meters.

See pictures of the cave:



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