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we define the merfolk as people with a human  and a fish, Mermaids and mermen appear as consistently in history just like faeries and dragons. Like their mythological counterparts, they are considered real until the early 20th century.

History had it that Over 7000 years ago, the Babylonians honored a merman called Ea, later named Oannes by the Greeks. Oannes is believed to be the god of the sea as it possesses the upper body of a man and the lower body of a fish. He spoke to the people in their own language, and provided important knowledge in the arts and sciences.

I strongly believe that we know about  Greek and Roman counterparts about Poseidon and Neptune, although only their descendants appear as mermen.

In Roman history, Neptune is a god of water. Neptune is the son of the god, Saturn. Neptune’s legends seem to have formed after the Greek Poseidon, and draw heavily from the Poseidon lore.

Poseidon, the god of the sea, was the son of Kronos and the brother of Zeus and perhaps Hades. When the world was divided, Zeus took the sky, Hades took the Underworld, and Poseidon took the seas. Although he is shown with a human body, Poseidon was able to live on land or under the sea. Poseidon was also the father of Triton, one of the most famous mermen in history. Triton has the upper body of a man and lower body of a fish. In art, he is usually shown rising from the sea, blowing on a conch shell.

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Triton’s mother was Amphitrite, queen of the sea and one of the fifty Nereids. Although Amphitrite is usually portrayed with a fully human form, she is not a mermaid in legend she, like Poseidon, was able to travel under the sea as easily as on land.

One of the earliest mermaids was Syria’s Atargatis, Which is related to Astarte and Aphrodite, and perhaps to Pisces. Sometimes this goddess is portrayed with the lower body of a fish, relating to the cycles of the moon and the tides. She is also shown with a sheaf of wheat arched over her head, relating to a plentiful harvest. Other early literature describes similar creatures, including sea nymphs and perhaps Sirens.

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So Although some of you might not yet believe that these supreme being still exist, I want you to know that they do as history holds the record of them. On our normal life, Some are said to be married to a mermaid unknowingly and after some certain sacrifices are made, the mermaid will free the person. Think about that as well. Kindly drop your opinion below the comment section if you are with me in this article.

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  1. There are marine Divinities and Spirits but they don’t marry humans. Of what purpose is the purported marriage? What is the meaning of the word marriage? Those who originated from water Spiritual always have marine Spiritual companion that that people misinterpret to be Spiritual husband or wife. Marriage is a concious agreement between two adults of opposite sec for the purpose of procreation and companions.

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