See 4 Dangerous Books Christians Should Stop Reading

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The kind of book we read daily affects our daily living. A lot of persons read anything they like, and are are not careful of the effect it has on their belief system.

Therefore, in this article, we will see four dangerous books Christians should stop reading, and why we should stop reading them.

4) 48 Laws of Power

Christianity is a faith based religion and not just on philosophical or man made beliefs. Many persons have adopted some negative beliefs from reading such book.

This is very wrong and that’s why a lot of people use sayings like ‘heaven help those who help themselves’, to perpetrate all kinds of evil. Let’s beware and keep the Bible as our reference point.

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3) Laws of Karma

The laws of karma may look just or kind, but we must examine each in the light of scripture. The attitudes of sticking to such laws can be very dangerous to a Christian.

Hence, we need to be mindful of what we read and hear daily.

2) Seventh Book of Moses

There are many records that Moses wrote a book which was not discovered at first, hence, not included in the Bible. This is very wrong, because the acclaimed book of Moses is tagged a book for ‘witchcraft’.

Therefore, it is wrong to start believing in such books, and looking for them to read.

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1) Books of Contrary religions

Some persons claim they want to research well for about the Bible, and hence, read the books of other contradictory religions.

It is very dangerous because slowly your beliefs could become corrupted, and you would begin to disbelieve the Word of God.

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2 Replies to “See 4 Dangerous Books Christians Should Stop Reading”

  1. Which one is the book of contrary religion? You know well that even christianity came into being after Christ left. To one should read more to be more informed because of alot of contradiction in the Bible.

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