The thieves in the night; Like Ibrahim Babaginda, like Tunde Balogun, both men are destroyer of our nascent democracy

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Tuesday, June 15th, 2021


History will never forget the man who turns a city to a village and history will also never forget the man who turns a village to a city, because our actions and inactions is like a flame that can never be erase from the planet of the earth but, will echo till eternity.


The hope of ward F3 members in Surulere Local Government is about to be shattered, gauge and dump in the well of the forgetful, just like the way the past Military Head of State, Ibrahim Babangida electrified and electrocuted the hope of Nigerian of June 12, the memorable and historic moment that would be in record for years on how the people’s mandate that was freely given to late Moshood Kashimawo Abiola at the polling station by the good people of Nigeria, and it was cut down, and raped by destiny destroyer, who squandered the legacy of hope of Nigerian, and rabid our constitution, that is what Mr Tunde Balogun is about to do to ward F3 members in Surulere Local Government, Lagos State, as he has equally registered the name of Khadijat Omotayo on the same day Ibrahim Babangida annulled the June 12 election.

Why the same June 12? An aspirant who lost to Olayiwola Abdulrahman Akeem in an open contest in the just concluded primary election


The same cataract act is about to happen in Ward F3 in Surulere Local Government as Mr Tunde Balogun is on the move of stealing the mandate given freely to Olayiwola Abdulrahman Akeem through electoral franchise, ahead of Omotayo Khadijat, who’s having extra marital affairs with Mr Tunde Balogun. Truly, All Progressive Congress were to be a working party that vividly understand what democratic tenets entails, would have at this volatile situation that we are confronted with in the county and at this material point in time called immediate withdrawal of the move of Mr Tunde Balogun imposition of an aspirant that openly loose out in an election ahead of the civil unrest before us, before it transpire to what that will tarnish the image of the Party.

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It must be rightly stated that, it is an aberration and unconstitutional to change the name of a candidate that was duly voted, this again form a tyrannical reasoning, and it must be frown at in entirety.


Infact, it’s most pathetic that at this year of our democracy, Mr Tunde Balogun is conducting himself with the level of arrogance, with an open display of scant regard for the Constitution. It must be properly put on record that that the change of duly voted candidate to represent the goodwill of ward F3 members in Surulere Local Government is a sign towards civil unrest and a strong repression will arise against such demonic act from Mr Tunde Balogun, who’s parading himself as the caretaker chairman of APC in Lagos State, and it is strictly against the provisions of Section 217, subsection 2(c, d) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended).

However, transparency and accountability forms the core of social contract. And, without the two, social contract will be nothing but a mirage. Right now, the character of Mr Tunde Balogun is most lachrymal type because of the failure to live up to its creed of guaranteeing the people’s mandate from rubbing of their rights and also fail to stand on what the party guidelines says. So, it won’t be out of place to conclude that, in the APC scene, social contract merely exists on papers, not operational.


Chapter IV of the Constitution, section 37, 38, 39, 40, 41 says shall invalidate any law that is reasonably justifiable in a democratic society.


(a) in the interest of defence, public safety, public order and public morality.

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(b) for the purpose of protecting the rights and freedom of other persons.


For this purpose, with pictoral and videos evidences, we’re ready to go all out to demand for our rights. It’s unfortunate that Mr Tunde Balogun continue to oppress us with his leadership position, the worst being that we cannot even choose our representative in the face of fraudulent imposition, and the daring posture of the perpetrators of Injustice.


We seize this medium to demand for the immediate and unconditional reverse of the earlier decision made by Mr Tunde Balogun, and our demands are:


1). That Mr Tunde Balogun should as a matter of urgent revert his earlier decision on imposing a loose out aspirant on the good people of Ward F3, Surulere Local Government.


2). That Mr Tunde Balogun should respect the party principles and guidelines which rightly stated it therein that, after adopting the mode of primary election as a way to choose our representatives, then the modalities and result emanated from there should be respected and announce without fear or favour.


3). That Mr Tunde Balogun, APC Lagos State caretaker Chairman should immediately send the name of Olayiwola Abdulrahman Akeem to LASIEC as he’s the candidate that we voted for at the just concluded primary election.


4) That Mr Tunde Balogun should know that any otherwise action from him from following the people’s mandate will be greeted with an high level of repression, with a strong legal backing.






Concerned Youths

(Ward F3, Surulere Local Government)

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