The Top 5 Cleanest Countries Of The World

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Venturing to the far corners of the planet is one of the fantasies everyone in the world has. We as a whole have it in our brain to head out to one piece of the world or another however due generally to economic restraints and different factors, we don’t. A statement from Saint Augustine of Hippo goes this way, “The world is a book and the individuals who don’t travel read just one page”. Disregard your restraints, fail to remember your restrictions and look at the cleanest countries out of more than 180 of them.


Countries are positioned by their Environmental Performance Index (EPI) which is controlled by factors, for example, air quality, water, sanitation, backwoods, environmental change among others. It considers the ecological wellbeing and biological system vitality of the nation. Water and Sanitation and Air Quality are significant criteria in deciding the nation’s EPI esteem.

Information collected in 2020 subtleties the cleanest countries and their particular EPI positioning.


1. Switzerland

Home to the strictest financial foundations in the world, Switzerland remains on this rundown with a staggering EPI score of 87.42. This delightful nation has thick timberlands, very much kept up untamed life just as spotless water. German, French, Italian and Romansh are the four primary dialects spoken in the nation. It never gets excessively cold or excessively hot. Throughout the entire year, the cleanest nation appreciates booming tourism throughout the entire year.

In Swiss chocolates, they added eatable gold into it. It has in excess of 1500 lakes and each is under 10 miles from the following. In the event that you want to go out, add this excellent nation to the rundown.


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With a population of more than 62 million individuals, France is the second cleanest nation in the world with an EPI score of 83.85. It is likewise the third-biggest nation on the European mainland. A high score on air quality, water sanitation has moved this atomic controlled nation to second spot. A GDP of $2.61 trillion makes France the wealthiest nation in Europe and the no 1 traveler objective in the world.

The lovely nation rakes in more than 83 million travelers in the world with lofty manors, clear sea shores and gallery make it a thrilling visit. The three most popular attractions in France are The Louver Museum, the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of Versailles.


The 2nd happiest country and 3rd cleanest country in the world, Denmark is the piece of staggeringly exquisite art. The use of renewable energy is emphasized by the country with a total population of 5,754,356 people. Also the most social people and according to statistics, it is also the least corrupt country in the world. A highly acknowledged tourist destination that boasts of having Europe’s oldest functioning observatory and the second oldest amusement park in the world.


Ranking fourth on the list is Malta with an EPI score of 80.90. The government of Malta increased their efforts in taking care of the environment and it has finally shown fruits. It is interesting to note that Malta is a country with seven islands but singe no forests or rivers. It does have beaches fr surfing.

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One of the smallest countries with an average population of 450,000 people and it enjoys a thriving tourism sector. The Blue Lagoon is the major attraction of the Maltese Islands.

The Blue Lagoon


You would like to note that Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden are all Scandinavian countries and they all have common characteristics; clean, peaceful and well-developed. With an EPI score of 80.51, Sweden ranks fifth. An average population of 9.1million and efficient recycling systems and greenery, Sweden gives the utmost importance to its environment. Enforcement of policies on recycling trash has made them the most efficient recycling country in the world.

They even import trash to keep them afloat. Due to its renewable energy use, it has reduced its CO2 emissions. Stockholm, the country’s capital and The Royale Palace, Skansen are a few of the attractions the country has to offer.

There are other beautiful countries in the world with remarkable degrees of cleanliness however these are only the main ten. Dealing with your environment is only one stage in the roadmap to turning into a perfect nation. In the event that you need to travel or go on outings around the globe, you will love it.

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