Untold Story About Water Spirit. And There symbolism

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Water is a universal solvent, and is used for a variety of things in our daily lives. Water is what we see, touch and make use of on a daily basis. A delightful powerful spirit that a good number of earthly inhabitants do not recognize its spiritual existence because of her solemn nature and availability. Do you know that water is a spirit? Have you been told? I mean water. Be it rain or seawater, Water is water. Do you know that a good number of a human came from water, possessing water spirit?

How do you look at the goddess of water whom they refer as a mermaid?

Do you see her as an enemy or scary spirit? Have you seen goddess of water whom they called mermaid?

Do you believe in her existence?

What does her existence mean to you?

Do you know your spiritual origin?

Have you done a consultation to know your spiritual origin?

Where do you think you came from?

Spiritual knowledge, what you need to know about your being as a human being. The true knowledge that makes a difference, water was the first thing which existed. It was there before creation the only present and non created subject. The Most High (God) created everything you see today except water. Water was in existence when everywhere was null and void. Remember, Bible book of Genesis 1:2 said something. Are you a Bible student?

What does it say? In the bible book of Genesis 1:2 we read: The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters the earth was formless and empty, (meaning nothing was at place) and darkness covered the deep waters (telling you that something was in existence: (WATER and DARKNESS). And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters. When GOD (the most high) appeared, his spirit was moving round about the water, We may say in literary manner, RESEARCHING.

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Upon the arrival of the Most High, he met with so many spirit bodies who were present and dwelt upon and inside water. He approached them with wisdom, good number of them were convinced and got charmed by his power. They surrendered to his authority while little or few refused to surrender. There refusal wasn’t disobedience or ignorance but as a result of authority and superiority. He took those who believed him and they began creations. Those are the ones we know today as heavenly bodies. The rest were not an enemy to the Almighty, thus they chose to remain the way they are and held their authority which was recognized by the Almighty.

In their midst we have what we have known today as mermaid, this is how good number of people got possessed by water spirit. Immediately after birth, what was the first thing that your mother offered you?After wards, what comes next? Bath, Done with what? Water. This is the two ways our earthly formation comes into transformations making us a subject of water spirits. Since water on her own is a Spirit, she took possessions of the being right immediately after birth. And this we should know and observe is not a bad omen as seen today. Earlier before demons and Lucifer descended, it called for no alarm as seen today thus all the spirits that possessed water were pure spirit but the arrival of Lucifer and his demons brought another image thus he fell on the ocean and took possession. Still on the formation, few human came on earth through water as representatives.

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One could ask, how possible? remember, we are talking about spirits here. They have the knowledge about how the Most High made human and knowledge of rebirth was not hidden from them. All human beings did not take place from one realm. In the realm are different kingdoms. That’s why you should be careful of people you see today and have dealing with! Some came from a realm where animals rule and govern. Some came from realms where plants rule and govern. So some are from a realm where stones rule and govern. So we have people from the water, all these we call representatives.

Those who know where they came from at earlier age and started their earthly ministry as appointed unto them are the reason we see young stars today. Reasons we have young stars in our midst. To you, he is a child but spiritually, he knows himself. He had paid his dues, therefore, is allowed to flow and shine. No force can hide him or her. You can’t contend with him because he is always with armies. The armies are what we ask you to invoke to triumph in all your endeavours.

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