Who Came To You While You Were Asleep Last Night?

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It’s better not to be ignorant of the way that the spiritual controls the physical. One of the dynamic ways we partake in it is through dreams.

Now and again the battles we face in the physical is on the grounds that we didn’t deal with it in the spiritual realm.

You may not accept this, yet you might be the reason for your issues and not know it. You may even be the reason for someone else’s problems and not know it. This is on the grounds that you spirit-man can know things your physical – man doesn’t due to the disconnection.

For example, you need to get married yet can’t because you are married spiritually. You may even be a witch, wizard or a warrior in the spirit.

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One way to be sure of your stance is how your dream life is. Do you remember your dreams or are you constantly fed with rubbish from the spiritual dustbin at night and wake up filling full in the morning without a clue of what fed you.

Most often than not, if you are a warrior in Christ, you will definitely remember those victorious spiritual battles you’ve won
But the danger is in when you have no clue of who came and left you in your dreams.

Friends this can only be remedied by deep foundational deliverance.

The one that comes through prayers, fasting and total surrender to God Almighty.


Dear friends there are lots of reasons why we should be vigilant and arm ourselves night and day.

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I trust this letter made you consider occasions in your day to day existence and made a longing to know where you are in the spiritual realm.

Regardless of whether you are strong or weak in the spirit, the significance of petitions in your day to day existence can’t be overemphasized.

May God convey us from demonic initiation and carry everything we could ever want to our remembrance in Jesus name.d

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