Who Is Allah, Is He God In The Bible, Lets Find Out

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This is an opinion of the writer not for INFO AFFAIRS.

Any article that can counter this article is welcome to publish for free!!!

By Daniel O. Micheal

Disclaimerโš ๏ธ๐Ÿšซ: The point of this article isn’t to censure any religion yet rather, to edify us about the center contrasts among Islam and Christianity, that the vast majority don’t have a clue.

Numerous individuals particularly Nigerians, will in general have this thought or conviction that God and Allah are the equivalent. I was likewise on this table in light of the fact that as a kid, I used to accept that God and Allah were the equivalent and that “Allah” was only the Arabic portrayal of “God”.

After intensive examination, I’ve come to understand that they are two entirely unexpected elements and I will express my reasons beneath.

“Allah” is the word utilized by the Muslims to portray their “God” in the Quran, yet that doesn’t mean it’s equivalent to the “All-powerful God” in the Bible.

Who Is Allah, Is He God In The Bible, Lets Find Out
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In spite of the fact that there could be some sure likenesses like for example, Christians consistently stress that God is most importantly thus does the Muslims and Arabs. While Christians additionally state that God is interminable, Muslims likewise group Allah as an everlasting being also.

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There are assortments of these likenesses, yet similitudes are not as significant as contrasts with regards to whether the two things are the equivalent or not.

There are some basic and psyche blowing contrasts among “God” and “Allah” and they are featured underneath:

Who Is Allah, Is He God In The Bible, Lets Find Out
Photo Credit: Pinterest.com

1. God’s just generated Son is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Allah has no generated child.

2. God made salvation accessible by relinquishing his lone child and guarantees salvation by elegance to the individuals who accept. Allah yielded nothing, and possibly spares if adequate works are finished.

3. God has an installment for sins which is Jesus Christ, however Allah has no installment for sins.

Nonetheless, the above articulation doesn’t suggest that you are allowed to sin. God just gives us the effortlessness to apologize, that is the reason It’s critical to carry on with an upright life provided that you bite the dust as a miscreant, you are certainly going to damnation.

4. God is everlastingly lenient to all, independent of your transgressions, however Allah offers kindness to whom he wishes.

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5. Jesus Christ paid for the transgressions of humankind. Allah paid in vain, and all men pay for their own transgressions even you have apologized.

6. God’s salvation is through crafted by Jesus Christ, while Allah’s salvation is through individuals’ works.

7. God’s salvation technique is through Christ Jesus, while Muslims salvation is to accept that Mohammed is the best everything being equal.

8. God says Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Allah says prophet Mohammed is only a courier.

Taking everything into account, “Allah” and “God” are not the equivalent.


This is an opinion of the writer not for INFO AFFAIRS.

Any article that can counter this article is welcome to publish for free!!!

19 Replies to “Who Is Allah, Is He God In The Bible, Lets Find Out”

  1. Thank you for the effort. This would have been my article of the year, if it were to be a balanced and well researched one.
    But unfortunately, the writer made many mistakes about Islam /Allah. I don’t want to believe that he deliberately painted Islam as he wished, because normally, especially in Nigeria, people don’t study Islam and they always love to guess and talk about it. At least, many English speaking Muslims can read the bible and understand it to some reasonable extent, more than the numbers of Christians who can read the Qur’an and understand it.
    This is an unfortunate lack of level playing ground.
    I will reply the write up later InshaAllah.

  2. It’s quite unfortunate that wisdom and ability to think are aliens to Christians world. It’s so bewildered that to be seeing unreserved misleading articles with the aim to tarnish the image of Islam. I’m a Christian. I was born. Christian but now I’m in the middle. I understand the level of hypocrisy we Christian practice, to a greater extent. Bible is full of shits. Christianity is not a religion but a total fallacious theory to deceive the world at large. If you talk about Bible, Bible has been changed. It has been altered and modified. We have over 27 versions with different somany contradictory verses with concept of language interpolation. Can word of God be altered? No sane man will read Bible and feel tension of not relegating it into the wastebin.

    Lastly, the false narrative you give to Islam is as a result of your lack of total understanding about the Religion and your inability to research on what each religion stand for. you just judge ,package and scrutinize common hateful perspective of Christians over Islamic jurisprudence with good English . “Allah” and “God” not the same. what of “Yahweh ” and “Jehovah”? because I understand the afformentioned are not English. Was Bible first written in English? Do you mean any word different from English ascribe to God shoukd be denounced so far it’s not English? you’re really dumb !

    1. Thank nd Almighty Allah SWT Will lead you tru.
      Can a creator be a creature at the same time.
      Can a man be a God.
      Can a spirit given birth to a flesh.
      Can a flesh given birth to a spirit.

      We are in a confused world, when a professor in any field of education, can’t differentiate between a Creator,creature nd creation.
      When a professor will tells that a man is a God.
      When a flesh can be a God.
      When a flesh given birth to a spirit.
      When a spirit given birth to a flesh.
      In the land of deceit, to say Truth will be a revolutionary act.
      Alhamdulillaah for being a Muslim.
      Terrorist group are not Muslims but a devilish entity to Deceive the deceitful minded.
      They used language to deceive the deceitful people.
      Alhamdulillaah for being a Muslim

  3. Subhanallahi!!! I went through ur write-up, I swear to God you wrote jagons. I cannot argue with u cos u are very far away from the truth,I ‘ll only endure u to get a copy of English Qur’an and make a research for ur self, but all your write-ups are nothing but fallacies. THANK YOU

  4. Bisi, although you made a salient point in your closing remark, I would have loved you put the record straight than to go on a wasteful voyage. It would have been a better reply than using all your time to discuss nothing. What actually made your position different from the post when you could not make the difference rather than rambling. Thanks

  5. Hmmmmm,I dont got enough time to ponder into details of this write up but Iam still waiting for a video where the bandits will shout in the name of Jehovah or Jesus the son of God or that jehovah is one and split human throats …..
    Allah cannot be God because the spirit is different except if that God is confused.
    By their fruits we shall
    know them.

  6. Tunde you have spoken well, but one thing I want people to know is that the only Bible was not written by man’s knowledge. The writer came out with points, I will also want a Muslim cleric to come out with points to prove the writer wrong, not what will imaging or think, this will bring argument.

    1. That’s the point. Someone from Islam with reservations should come here to counter this writer point by point also

  7. When I saw the heading of this article, I became interested. I wanted to read and know what I didn’t know about the topic before. But, after reading the first two lines, I discovered that I was reading not just a feeble effort by a disingenuous religious propagandist to deliver on his assignment, but also a lazy and poorly thought-out preconfigured points of arguments.

    The article isn’t just shallow, it lacks all elements of good religious argument and lacks the logic to prove anything worth the zealous readers’ attention. The author must be a joker, probably the best joker of the outgoing year 2020.

    However, I indeed noticed a genuine concern from him to educate his readers, but I will advise him to go back to the drawing table, carry out a good research and come back with fresh arguments that have valid basis for debating.

    We will surely know when he does that, because we know where the lines are drawn between Christianity and Islam, and when a debate like this comes up and those lines begin to feature, we’ll know how far the other party has done his research, and we’ll know what to add or where to direct him to seek the truth in our Quran and even his own bible.

    But right now there is no basis for debate, because the author has faltered right from the foundation by all he wrote in this article.

    1. If you are a Muslim and felt there’s a misrepresentation in the writer’s opinion, kindly come up with your own points and correct them point to point with facts.

  8. We need evidence and fact from the both book to back up ur article before we comment and put the rong right.
    Just wast of time n resources.

  9. Alhamdulillah!!!!!
    For being a Muslim, because Christianity is full of innovation they do anything they want to do which wasn’t said by Isa(Jesus) Mr be wise enough how would you got your research to said that Allah and God are not equivalent words, despite your article is full of fallacious statement.

    1. This is an opinion of Mr. O. Michael, not for INFO AFFAIRS, we don’t discriminate any religion, how ever you can write another article to give us a clear understanding, it will be published for free.

  10. To start with, the purpose of this write up is defeated, the claims and based on a single story (I.e studying the bible alone and using the shabby knowledge to judge d Qur’an).
    The introductory part is aimed at arresting the controversial statements dat may follow but the whole thing being wat it is, a piece of trash coupled by a lazy researcher.
    The criticism proper.
    1. Forget English and mention the word “God” in Arabic.
    2. The God and son concept, here I realized dat sometimes you don’t deep studies to decipher the actual and conceivable sense in a concept. All u need is a dictionary to tell u the meaning of wat u are saying.
    3. The salvation talk u just bartered. U are simply telling us dat u don’t eat anything for it has been eaten in arrears. Think about it again

  11. Thanks Mr writer,Islam is not by comparison but a total way of life, likewise the name ALLAH can never be comparable to any name whatsoever.God is just an English name, different languages has their pronounciations. In Islam,the language of the Qur’an isArabic while the language of the original Bible is Hebrew before it was adulterated.Jesus confirmed in the original Bible that “Our Lord is our God and our God is one. This is to butress the word of Allah in the Glorious Qur’an.Allah (God)is the majesty and most Existing.Not that God is just an English name to ALLAH.thank you.

    ุนูŽู†ู’ ุฃูŽุจููŠ ุซูŽุนู’ู„ูŽุจูŽุฉูŽ ุงู„ู’ุฎูุดูŽู†ููŠูู‘ ุฌูุฑู’ุซููˆู…ู ุจู† ู†ูŽุงุดูุฑ ุฑูŽุถููŠูŽ ุงู„ู„ู‡ู ุนูŽู†ู’ู‡ู ุนูŽู†ู’ ุฑูŽุณููˆู„ู ุงู„ู„ูŽู‘ู‡ู ุตู„ู‰ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุนู„ูŠู‡ ูˆ ุณู„ู… ู‚ูŽุงู„: “ุฅู†ูŽู‘ ุงู„ู„ูŽู‘ู‡ูŽ ุชูŽุนูŽุงู„ูŽู‰ ููŽุฑูŽุถูŽ ููŽุฑูŽุงุฆูุถูŽ ููŽู„ูŽุง ุชูุถูŽูŠูู‘ุนููˆู‡ูŽุงุŒ ูˆูŽุญูŽุฏูŽู‘ ุญูุฏููˆุฏู‹ุง ููŽู„ูŽุง ุชูŽุนู’ุชูŽุฏููˆู‡ูŽุงุŒ ูˆูŽุญูŽุฑูŽู‘ู…ูŽ ุฃูŽุดู’ูŠูŽุงุกูŽ ููŽู„ูŽุง ุชูŽู†ู’ุชูŽู‡ููƒููˆู‡ูŽุงุŒ ูˆูŽุณูŽูƒูŽุชูŽ ุนูŽู†ู’ ุฃูŽุดู’ูŠูŽุงุกูŽ ุฑูŽุญู’ู…ูŽุฉู‹ ู„ูŽูƒูู…ู’ ุบูŽูŠู’ุฑูŽ ู†ูุณู’ูŠูŽุงู†ู ููŽู„ูŽุง ุชูŽุจู’ุญูŽุซููˆุง ุนูŽู†ู’ู‡ูŽุง”.
    ุญูŽุฏููŠุซูŒ ุญูŽุณูŽู†ูŒุŒ ุฑูŽูˆูŽุงู‡ู ุงู„ุฏูŽู‘ุงุฑูŽู‚ูุทู’ู†ููŠู‘ ู’”ููŠ ุณู†ู†ู‡” [4/184]ุŒ ูˆูŽุบูŽูŠู’ุฑูู‡ู.

    On the authority of Abu Thaโ€™labah al-Kushanee โ€” Jurthoom bin Nashir (may Allah be pleased with him) โ€” that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: Verily Allah taโ€™ala has laid down religious obligations (faraโ€™id), so do not neglect them; and He has set limits, so do not overstep them; and He has forbidden some things, so do not violate them; and He has remained silent about some things, out of compassion for you, not forgetfulness โ€” so do not seek after them. A hasan hadeeth narrated by ad-Daraqutnee and others.

    40 Hadith Nawawi
    (40 Hadith Nawawi)
    Reference : 40 Hadith Nawawi 30
    English translation : Hadith 30 most Existing

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