Why Babylon Isn't Existing As A Part Of City Or Nation On the World Again

 Why Babylon Isn’t Existing As A Part Of City Or Nation On the World Again

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Quite a while in the past in the old days, Babylon was an unmistakable and large city in those days. Nebuchadnezzar was the king of Babylon. In any case, But what was the main reason why Babylon is counted out among all other cities or countries in the world?

The individuals of Babylon was excessively found of doing what was awful and detestable to God.

As indicated by the book of Isaiah, God recorded what might befall the city of Babylon through king Cyrus and his military which was recorded in the record of Isaiah 13:20 “She will never be inhabited, Nor will she be a spot to reside in all through all ages. No Bedouin will pitch his tent there, And no shepherds will rest their groups there”.

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The announcement in this refrain made us to realize that God has guaranteed the country of Babylon that none of their age will live there once more. Isn’t unreasonably astounding?

This is exceptionally down to earth for us today to realize that the expression of Jehovah is alive, in such a case that you search through to discover The state of the city Babylon today you will see that it remains precisely how God adapted it since the time their days was. Also, you will never locate nobody there. In any case, you can just go there for visit.

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In this way, when Jehovah state he will accomplish something, it will most likely happen.

Today, he has made a guarantee on how he will carry his kingdom to this earth clear off misfortunes, human affliction, etc. That why we should ever prepared and get readied.

Revelation 21:3-4.

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